33 Gratitude Affirmations To Help You Achieve Higher Levels Of Manifesting

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Power of manifesting lies in a few key things. Being grateful and showing appreciation is one of them. And what better way to show gratitude than through Gratitude Affirmations.

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Before I get to talking about gratitude affirmations, allow me to start this article with a curveball: is there a danger in manifesting too much? The answer is yes and no. There certainly doesn’t have to be if you do it correctly.

In my article on abundance, I explained to you that the Universe is limitless and your abundance does not come from other people’s shortcomings. So technically, there are no limits to manifesting and attracting all you want. At least not from the side of the Universe, the Provider.

However, there is a risk that is within ourselves. And that is the lack of appreciation and gratitude for all we have in our life. This becomes more and more dangerous as we start attracting greater things.

The reason is simple: we as humans tend to get used to the reality around us and take it for granted. The things that brought us joy years ago, now no longer have this effect. Things that made us laugh seem boring.

And that special feeling that used to lift you up becomes the norm, the default. In psychology, this is called the Law of Diminishing Returns.

It happens to all of us, I assure you. I still get this from time to time this feeling of diminished effect. Even though I know it’s bad, sometimes it gets the better of me. In these moments I turn to the ultimate tool to fight this: gratitude affirmations.

What are gratitude affirmations

Gratitude affirmations are the affirmations where you can be grateful and thankful for… well, anything and everything. You can (and should) be thankful for all the things you have in your life.

Things like having a home. Some people can’t even imagine how much of a blessing owning a home actually is. A lot of people in this world can’t be thankful for even such a basic thing that you might be taking for granted.

Do you have a job that puts food on your table? Be grateful for it. Yes, I know: you want to manifest a better job. And that’s great, you will manifest it, you will be blessed with it, you will get it. But in the meantime: be thankful for the one you have. It is still a blessing.

If these things seem obvious to you: great. In that case, move onto the next level. Look around you for other smaller things you can express your gratitude for. Think of whatever makes you happy, or gives you energy, or makes you motivated. Things like that.

Why are gratitude affirmations important

Let’s make one thing very clear: the Universe doesn’t have a lot of demands from us. The Universe itself doesn’t need to be praised or complimented. However, the Universe LOVES our gratitude. It loves to hear when we say “thank you”, or when we appreciate all the blessings. That is why gratitude affirmations are so magically powerful.

When you say affirmations of gratitude, a couple of magical things will happen.

First: you send out a powerful message to the Universe that you truly appreciate all that you have been given. This way you are being recognized as a person who is enjoying all the blessings and will enjoy future blessings. See where I’m going with that? Your appreciation for your current life will strengthen any future manifestations.

You can even get it into a snowballing effect where the more things you get, the more thankful you are and so you get more things. See, you just reversed the negative “diminishing effect” I talked about earlier.

Secondly: saying gratitude affirmations about things you have now in your life will make you subconsciously appreciate them more. You will see old “rusty” items bringing you joy again. You will see forgotten things making you laugh. You will see things gaining a new light. Trust me, if you will pay attention, you will indeed see the magic happening where you saw ordinary life before.

How to say gratitude affirmations

When it comes to the construction of sentences, gratitude affirmations are very easy and straightforward. You are simply being thankful for a particular thing, person, or an event in your life.

What makes them powerful is saying all this with a real belief and passion. And this is where you should focus all your attention. Be genuine with your gratitude affirmations, be honest, be truthful. Don’t force them. Only say “thank you” for the things that really bring you joy and happiness.

Now that I have outlined the technical side of things for you, let’s look at some examples of gratitude affirmations you can say as often as you like. I myself don’t say each and every one of them every day. Rather, I like to cycle through them depending on my mood, my vibrations or a particular goal I want to manifest.

I have kept this list of gratitude affirmations random and mixed up on purpose. This is to show you that you should be thankful for things big and small. And that there are no “more important” and “less important” things to be thankful for.

  1. Thank you for my life
  2. Thank you for my healthy body
  3. Thank you for my strength
  4. Thank you for the power of my mind
  5. Thank you for my partner
  6. Thank you for my wonderful family
  7. Thank you for blessing me with more than enough
  8. Thank you for the strength to keep going
  9. Thank you for my loving relationship
  10. Thank you for my confidence
  11. Thank you for my bravery
  12. Thank you for my self-awareness
  13. Thank you for showing me my flaws so I can work on them
  14. Thank you for giving me the strength to work on myself
  15. Thank you for your guidance
  16. Thank you for my abundance
  17. Thank you for a clear path in front of me
  18. Thank you for my ability to see clearly
  19. Thank you for my ability to hear
  20. Thank you for my wealth
  21. Thank you for all the opportunities I get
  22. Thank you for my caring spouse
  23. Thank you for my ability to walk
  24. Thank you for my prosperity
  25. Thank you for the signs showing me my path
  26. Thank you for the wealth that is coming to me
  27. Thank you for my job that puts food on the table
  28. Thank you for the roof above my head
  29. Thank you for my blessings
  30. Thank you for my thriving business
  31. Thank you for the constant stream of money flowing to me
  32. Thank you for my ability to manifest
  33. Thank you for today

Hope you have enjoyed my article on these gratitude affirmations. I trust they will help you to embrace your life and rediscover how amazing it really is. Sure, you might want more from your life, and that is perfectly fine. However, you must never forget what you already have and how beautiful it really is.

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Stay awesome!



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