5 Bad Things For Your Vibrations

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Maintaining a high level of Vibrations is crucial to your happiness. Learn what you should be avoiding in your life.

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In this article, I wanted to warn you about things that can lower your vibration and impact your Manifestations, making them ineffective. Some of these things might be obvious, others not and so I wanted you to be aware of them to remove negativity and toxicity from your life. A lot of the things mentioned here are not bad by themselves, what can be harmful is how exactly and to what extent you’re using them.

For great advice on raising your vibration levels, you can go here and here.

Negativity of the Mind and its effect on Vibrations

This one seemingly is obvious and self-explanatory. Negativity attracts negativity.

What is key here, is being able to spot negativity. For example pessimism vs realism. We all live our lives and face obstacles that we need to overcome. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, that’s natural. See if you can spot differences in the tone of the following sentences:

  • I will be short on rent this month, I can’t afford anything!
  • Why am I lacking money? What’s wrong with me?
  • This isn’t fair, others have bigger houses than me!
  • Or: I will attract money and I will be able to afford the rent and so much more! I just need to put in more effort this month, that’s all, so I’m not worried.

The first 3 sentences are full of despair, anger, self-doubt, envy. You simply can’t vibrate at these frequencies and hope to turn your life around. Whenever you are facing challenges and you see these thoughts forming in your mind, make sure to dismiss them, remain calm (Meditation helps) and turn to positive thoughts, including all the previous obstacles in your life that you were able to push through. Remember how great it felt? Lean on that feeling.

Other examples of negativity include being in the presence of toxic people, having bad thoughts about others, gossip, lacking open-minded approach towards other people, using bad language etc.

Also, a big factor that lowers your vibration is dwelling on the past. Past experiences should serve as life lessons. Nothing more. Don’t think about “what if I had done this differently”. Instead, use this experience to your advantage in the future.

How Fear can lower your Vibrations

Fear is one of the most powerful negative emotions and therefore it can be a great contributor to our poor state of mind and low Vibrations. Fear is inherent to our nature, as it stems from instinct that has allowed humans to survive throughout the history of the universe. So from that perspective, it’s unavoidable, right? Well, yes and no. You see: whereas it’s impossible to get rid of fear as an emotion from our lives, what you can do is to control your actions under the state of fear.

What you must learn to do is to be able to your channel fear towards motivating you to extra effort. If for example, you fear for the state of your relationship, try and give more love and affection to your loved one and see what happens.

Or if you’re at a point where you want to start a new relationship, but you’re somewhat blocked and struggle to find the right words to say when attracting the perfect person for you, give this tool a go. The informative video will explain the benefits to help you decide if it’s right for you.

If you fear for job security, make sure to put in extra work, show initiative and show commitment. And these examples can be applied anywhere in our lives.

The paradox is that if you show strength during the time where life challenges you, this brings the greatest rewards. And whenever you feel the fear and anxiety overwhelms you, do these few simple steps:

  • Try to find a “safe area”. If you are not at home, find a quiet place with no people if possible.
  • Get in a few slow deep breaths. This is just as effective as it sounds banal.
  • Repeat a few of your favourite affirmations related to the source of your fear like:
  • “I’m an amazing person and I give out love wherever it’s needed.”
  • “My relationship is strong and is a source of tremendous happiness”
  • “I’m a skilled and talented professional and I can overcome any challenge that is facing me”

Once you tackle your initial anxiety and you’re calm and rational, now is the time to figure out the main source of your fear and the tools to remove this factor from your life.

Toxic people

In order to maintain high level of Vibrations in your life, you must follow the principle of Resonance that states that people with similar Vibrations enhance them, whereas people with lower Vibrations diminish them.

This is a very broad topic as it can be about anyone, from your work colleagues to a person you love. I have written a separate article that you might want to read if you think someone from your surroundings carries a negative vibe.

Lack of proper care for Your Body

The health of your body is just as important as the state of your mind. Your body has to be performing at a high level to positively impact your Vibrations.

Things to avoid include:

  • Bad food. Try to stay away from artificial, processed foods that contain preservatives, food colouring or unnecessary plastic packaging. Be careful with greasy foods, fried meat, grilled cheese etc. Also, try to do without meat and dairy products in general. I’m not trying to push any ideology here, but it kind of makes sense for food that is related to animal suffering to carry some negative vibes with it. If animal products are something that you need in your life, please try to pick organic free-range options.
  • Alcohol. Now this one is quite controversial. Key thing here is balance and moderation. A glass of wine or some beers at a party that help you to relax and have a good time are all fine. However, when alcohol consumption evokes sadness or bad memories, then it’s a clear sign that it’s not working out for you. Be careful with it and maintain control over alcohol.
  • Drugs. Some people claim that drugs allow you to open yourself to “hidden beauty” of the world. In my opinion, this could not be further from the truth. Drugs that alter your perception do exactly the opposite: they hide the natural beauty found throughout the Universe and replace it with vague illusions. Furthermore, most of them can seriously harm your physical health and as we already know this is bad for your Vibrations. The choice is as always yours, but I assure you that “high” can be achieved in many ways that are much healthier, such as meditation, physical workout and of course experiencing love, including the physical side of it, if you know what I mean.
  • Lack of exercise. Doing exercise is a great way to boost your Vibrations. Conversely, lack of it is a really bad thing for your state and vibe. Laziness affects not only your physicality but also your mind. Remember that it’s all about balance. Nobody is expecting you to be doing heavy weight lifting (unless you want to), but you need to show the Universe that you love your body and that you know how to treat it right. This will not go unnoticed and some great rewards will come your way through this.
  • Lack of sleep. This one is very close to my soul. I’ve always been hyperactive and wanted to cram in as many activities in a day as I could. At one point though, this came back to bite me. To avoid my mistake, make sure to get decent sleep every day.

Negative Vibrations from our Society

Society gives us amazing things, it allows us to thrive in this Universe and helps us to reach advancements not possible otherwise. However, let’s not forget about all the negative side effects that our society produces. You must be wary of the things that can bring you down and learn how to avoid them.

  • Social media. Now look: social media can be a wonderful thing. It allows us to connect with our friends and family, and to find like-minded people from all corners of the world. It can be a source of learning new things, it’s also a great way to express yourself and share joy with others. Unfortunately, oftentimes it is also a pit of negativity, unwarranted criticism or hate as well as misinformation on many topics. Your responsibility is to be able to “filter” out anything that is bad for you. You must also apply restraint and control the time you spend consuming social media. Remember to be in complete control and don’t let social media overwhelm you.
  • News. We all have to stay informed about current events, that thing is certain. What the media is doing wrong recently, is the form in which they present the news to us. I get it, it’s a competitive market where they have to fight for the viewer. However, when this fight relies on negative emotions, this isn’t the information anymore. It’s playing on your emotions. We have discussed fear and how to overcome it. What is not helping is if your fear is constantly being fuelled by bad media. You must learn to once again use your mind to filter out negativity and fear and let only the raw information reach you. Yes, bad events happen in life. Yes, you will hear of them. Make sure to counter each bad piece of information with something great in your life. Look around you for the abundance of beauty. Take this opportunity to be thankful for what you have.
  • Violence as entertainment. I know I’ve said it many times here, but it really is key: moderation. There are many amazing movies or books that are based on the topics like crime thriller. They can be great entertainment. What’s not good for you is making them your only entertainment. Instead, try to consume things filled with positive vibes. A comedy that makes you laugh for example. Or a hopeful story about brave people overcoming their obstacles. And finally: things that teach you something, like an autobiography of a successful person, or even something like a training course in the area that you like. Not only will you pick up some new skills, but also the success of someone else might resonate with your Vibrations and multiply your Manifestations.
  • Modern technology. We have discussed social media, news and entertainment. All these topics can be captured in a broad subject of technology that surrounds us. Once again: in itself, a wonderful thing, and once again: something you must be cautious about.
  • Waste and pollution. This one is particularly difficult for someone living in a city (like me). There are things you can do to improve this area.
  • Clean your house and rearrange everything in order.
  • Make sure to stay in touch with nature as much as you can. Go out often. Buy some plants for the house.
  • Try to use eco-friendly products and packaging wherever possible.
  • Use crystals to offset negative Energy coming from pollution.
  • Use essential oils. Not only will they help you to meditate, but they will fill the air with positive vibes and purify it from pollution.

Thank you for reading this article.

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I hope I’ve made you more aware of the dangers present in our lives. I will continue to bring you more in the future, but for now:

Stay awesome!



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