7 Tips That Will Help You To Manifest What You Want In Life

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What are you missing from your life? What is the one greatest thing you want? Discover how you can manifest what you want in life.

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I want you to focus on what I’m about to say. Listen to these words and accept them as they are. Here goes: you can manifest what you want in life. Anything that you can think of, anything that exists, whether it is from the material world, like money or luxury items, or it can be an event that you want to happen. People’s affection, respect, esteem, etc. All of this can be manifested: money, love, future events.

At this point, I’m guessing that you’re starting to doubt my words. How come anyone can manifest what they want? If so, then how come there are unhappy people in this world? Why are some of my manifestations unsuccessful?

The truth is that just because something is possible, does not mean it will automatically happen just like that. Don’t get me wrong: the process of manifesting is based on fairly simple principles of the Law of Attraction.

And I will be the first to tell you not to overcomplicate this process. However, once again: just because something is simple, does not mean it can happen without any effort. Why is that?

Why you are unable to manifest what you want in life?

Let’s go back to the basics of manifesting ok? The main principle is that you attract things that are on the same level of vibration as the ones you give out to the Universe. If there is a vibration match, you need to Ask, Believe and then you will Receive.

The Law of Attraction sounds simple, right? And it is, with the right attitude. Where doubt starts to creep in is when we’re aiming to attract really big things into our lives.

Something that will change our life forever, wheater it is a large sum of money or the full affection of the desired person.

Somehow when facing something of a great magnitude we become paralyzed and start to doubt the power of manifesting, the principles of the Law of Attraction, and worst of all: our ability to manifest what you want in life.

And wherever doubt comes in, that’s where the Believe goes away. Without this key component, the Law of Attraction does not work which means you will not be able to manifest what you want in life.

Now, this right there is the main reason that manifestations are not successful for you and millions of people around the world. And I will raise my hand up high and admit: it happens to me as well. I’m not perfect, nobody is and you should not expect this of yourself.

What is required is that you constantly work on yourself, improving your life, your mood, your vibrations. This is the only way to get to a level where you will be able to manifest what you want in life. Let’s start this journey today, ok? Trust me, it will be worth it.

What you must do to manifest what you want in life


The Universe loves clarity. It makes sense when you think about it. The Universe is vast, some people even say it is infinite. Regardless, you can imagine how many things there are in it, how many moving parts make up what we see around us. With so many things, people and events, there is no room for indecisiveness and vagueness.

The goal of your manifestations must be clear, precise, and specific. You’re not asking for money, you’re asking for $12500 to reinvent your wardrobe.

You’re not after a nice car, you’re after a specific make, specific model, with a particular engine, interior, and equipment (and color, why not? :D).

I purposely didn’t list any car here, apparently, my taste in cars is a bit… unusual, let me put it this way.

In any case, having your desired object clearly defined and envisioned will have a great positive impact on your manifesting.

Let go of negative feelings

If you have been interested in the Law of Attraction for some time now, you might already know that you should avoid negative feelings to manifest what you want in life.

The problem is some feelings are more obvious than others. We all know how bad hate or anger can be.

However, there are other feelings and states of mind that might hurt your manifestations. For instance: have you heard that envy can be just as bad for your vibrations as anger? I discuss this here, feel free to find out more.

Another mistake that can seriously impact your efforts when manifesting is doing it from a point of desperation, or even worse: greed. For the latter one, I would like to refer you to my other article on abundance. Read more if you want, for now, to keep it short: wanting abundance — good, greed — bad :D.

And as for desperation: this is never a good vibe. When you’re manifesting what you want in life, you’re doing it because you want to, because it will bring you more pleasure and more happiness. Not because your survival relies on it. Make sure you won’t give out that vibration.

Law of Attraction is all about the “snowball effect” where each thing you manifest increases your vibrations and this, in turn, allows you to manifest even greater things.

When you’re manifesting from desperation, you will only attract this one thing (if any) and that’s it. Hey, your goal was to just get this one small item to get you through, right?

Show gratitude

Another thing that the Universe loves to see in us is gratitude. Through being grateful, we show how happy we’re from gifts we have already received. This is also a great indication of how happy we will be from future blessings. Being grateful is an amazing way to raise your vibration. Make sure you show gratitude every day, for all things, big and small. It is perfectly fine and encouraged to show gratitude for the things you want to manifest in your life as if you already had them.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on that topic, be sure to check my article on gratitude affirmations.

Share your blessings

Related to the above, sharing is the most powerful method of saying “thank you Universe”. By sharing your blessings, you are not only raising your own vibration, but you are also raising the positive vibe around you. This enhances the energy flow and gives you the power to manifest what you want in life.

Remember that the Law of Attraction works on attracting similar frequencies of energy and vibration. Whatever it is that you give out will come back to you. And because through sharing, you are enhancing the energy, that means that the blessings will return multiplied.

So, share whatever you can. With your family, your loved ones, your friends, or even strangers. It doesn’t have to be big (unless it can be, then great, if not then… also great :D). It can be a small donation to your local charity. It can be a gift to an old friend. It can even be a small handmade item crafted by you, they will appreciate the personal touch as if it was an expensive car, trust me.

If at the moment you don’t feel like giving material objects, help someone with a kind word. Spend some time with people. Or share your knowledge, by teaching them useful skills. You could even help them by sharing articles that have helped you along the way. Such as this one. I know: a shameless plug, but then again I’m proud of my work and I want to see more and more people read this. This is what I’m manifesting and I trust it will be effective :D.

Whatever it is that you can give to someone will not go unnoticed and will return to you to help you manifest what you want in life.

Invest in yourself

Speaking of knowledge and skills: make sure you’re constantly moving forward. This is one of the best ways to manifest what you want in life. The Law of Attraction that governs the Universe is quite simple. Everything is being taken care of by the Universe who is creating things on your life path.

All that is required of you is that you work on yourself and keep improving. One of the greatest ways to help you to manifest what you want in life is learning new skills or abilities or improving the one you have now. Don’t worry, nobody is expecting you to be a master of all things. You don’t even have to be a master of anything. What is important is that each day you can say to yourself: I’m a better person than I was yesterday. That’s it, literally.

Invest money into education, get in touch with a good life coach, enroll in a mind-changing program, such as this one: Overnight Millionaire. Personally, I can’t praise this one high enough. This system has totally shifted the way I approached life, wealth, and abundance. It made me look at life and happiness in a different way. And it is one of the things that has helped me personally to manifest what I want in life. Amazing investment. You can read more here.

Control your thoughts

Our minds are wonderful devices. They have much greater power than we usually imagine.

However, as the saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. Each thought that goes through our minds is an affirmation in itself. Therefore, you must make sure that what you’re thoughts are focused on the object you want to manifest in your life.

This can be achieved in many ways: writing down your positive affirmations in your notepad, or on a piece of paper. You can create visualization boards. If this is a material object you could print out a picture of it and hang it on a wall in your room. Or have it as a wallpaper on your mobile phone.

At the same time make sure you release all negative thoughts from your mind. I know life isn’t always perfect and there are things that annoy you. Don’t be bothered by them, move forward with your happy attitude, use positive affirmations to remove these thoughts.

Avoid complaining about your challenges and struggles you might have. First of all: we all have them. Complaining won’t solve anything and it will hurt your vibrations.

A great way to release negative thoughts is to use gratitude affirmations that I have mentioned before. Write down three to five things you’re most grateful for. Focus on them deeply and repeat this couple of times.

Believe “actively”

Anyone who is into the Law of Attraction should understand the power of belief when attracting and manifesting things in our lives. What some people do wrong is think that you can simply say “I believe” and that will do the trick.

Instead, what you really should be doing is what I call “believing actively”. What that means is that you need to build a strong connection between the object of your manifestations and basically everything else in your life.

You should start “seeing” this object in everything else in your life. Try and spot patterns, look for signs.

And when you do find them, focus, and embrace them. This is the Universe telling you that you’re getting closer to your goal.

Another issue that might prevent you from manifesting what you want in your life is the so-called Imposter Syndrome.

It’s a limiting belief where we tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, or that the object we’re manifesting is too big and too overwhelming for us.

Let me give you a piece of advice that I once got from one of my mentors. She said: “you don’t feel worthy? You don’t feel good enough or strong enough? Then do something about it!”

At first, it was like a slap in the face. However, it was very much eye-opening. Improving yourself, learning new skills, etc that I have mentioned here is the absolute best way to beat Imposter Syndrome.

Soon enough you will feel competent enough, skilled enough, and strong enough to get on a higher level of vibrations. And once you do, nothing will stop you and you will manifest what you want in life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it valuable. The information here should serve you as guidelines to improve the power of your attraction and should make your manifestations really effective.

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Stay awesome!



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