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Would you like to take your manifesting to the next level? Discover the 55x5 method of manifesting and find out why most people get it wrong.

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If you’ve read any of the posts on my blog, you would know by now that I’m all about finding ways and tools that can help you in successfully manifesting wealth and attracting abundance.

Ever since I heard about the 55x5 method I was all excited about the possibilities it can offer.

I have seen this method of manifesting being touted by many people, including some mentors (I don’t really like to use the word “guru”). So I decided to go ahead and try to improve my manifesting with the 55x5 method.

And… at first, it didn’t go well. The 55x5 method did nothing to improve my manifestations. I wasn’t getting any good results when manifesting abundance or attracting the things I wanted.

Because of that, I got frustrated, and of course, this made matters worse. Frustration is a negative emotion, negativity lowered my vibrations, and as per the basic Law of Attraction principle, you can’t attract good things when your vibration is low.

So, what went wrong? I will explain this in a moment. First, however, let’s look at the 55x5 method of manifesting. This way I will be able to explain why it didn’t work for me at first, and what I did to fix things, and enjoy all the manifesting benefits of the 55x5 method.

What Is The 55x5 Method?

In essence, the 55x5 method relies on the repetition of your chosen affirmation in a structured and organized manner. The object of this manifesting method is to write down the affirmation 55 times in a single session over 5 consecutive days.

The main purpose of this method is to reprogram your subconscious thoughts to make them in line with the object of your manifestations.

The repetition is meant to “engrave” the object you’re manifesting into your mind and the structure of this method “cements” it there.

All of this is intended to align the frequency of your vibrations to match the object of your manifesting as close as possible. In case you’re new to the Law of Attraction I will explain this concept very briefly.

It is said that everything in the Universe (as well as the Universe itself) has a vibrational frequency. Everything, including non-material things like thoughts!

And things with similar vibrational frequencies tend to gravitate towards each other. Hence this is described by the name: the Law of Attraction. In case this is not obvious, it’s also worth pointing out that things that have a big difference in vibrational frequency repel each other.

The principles of the Law of Attraction are rooted in quantum physics. I won’t pretend to understand most of the scientific lingo. After all, this is the job of the actual scientists.

What is important for people like you and me is to understand the most important consequence of the Law of Attraction. This one is simple and requires no scientific background.

Like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences. The things with the same vibrational frequencies attract each other.

Therefore if your intention is to manifest something good, so need to be your vibration. If on the other hand, you focus on the bad things like struggles (which we all have, I get it), you will be attracting and manifesting negativity into your life.

So you can see that one of the key things when manifesting is to ensure your mind is set and focused on the things you’re attracting.

55x5 manifesting method helps you to achieve this by repeating the affirmation of your manifestation.

What Are Other Key Principles Of The 55x5 Method?

The method requires writing down the affirmation 55 times over 5 consecutive days.

Why 5? The number 5 is said to have a very special meaning in our lives. It is very strongly connected to change. And obviously, a change in our lives is exactly what we want to achieve when manifesting.

Furthermore, the three digits 5 in the name of this method form a power number 555. Numbers where the digit is repeated simply enhance the power of this digit. And repeating it three times adds another layer of magnitude. This is according to the Rule of 3. I won’t be getting into it here, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Another thing is that the writing down should be done in one sitting.

The reason for that is to show the Universe that we’re dedicated to our manifestations and we’re able to set aside the time for just this activity.

We’re leaving all other thoughts that can cloud our mind behind and we write down our affirmations until we finish. In addition, this serves to emphasize

And is best done by hand with pen and paper. You might ask yourself: is this mandatory?

In my opinion: no, but it is definitely recommended.

The pen and paper have a more natural feel to it. Everything is written by your hand. It has your style, each letter has a unique shape and no 2 verses look the same. It just adds your personal touch to the experience and it will certainly be recognized by the Universe as such.

It also requires more effort and that is again something that shows your dedication.

With all that said: if you find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t use pen and paper, then it’s definitely better to write them on a laptop for example, rather than skipping a day! You must maintain continuity, or you need to start a new 55x5 manifestation.

How To Use The 55x5 Method?

Like with any other manifestation, the 55x5 method of manifesting starts with setting a clear intention. You must define the object of your manifestations as clearly and precisely as you can. Imagine all the important details. You can write them down on a piece of paper and keep it on display in a place where you will be doing your 55x5 method of manifesting.

In addition to defining the object itself, you must also connect it with feelings.

Think about how will you feel if you’re able to manifest it within the next 5 days.

Which area of your life will improve after a successful manifestation?

Which problems will disappear from your life?

The next step would be to turn this intention into affirmation. It has to be deeply connected with this object, but also something that is personal to you.

Let’s imagine your intention is to manifest money to attract abundance into your life. The intention can be money itself, it can be a luxurious item or an event such as getting a raise or increase in sales in your company if you’re awesome enough to have one (I don’t :D).

The affirmation would then connect the object like money, you, and the improvements in your life that it will bring.

Plus there are other basic principles that you might already be familiar with, such as creating it in the present tense or adding gratitude to your affirmation.

I have an article on creating affirmations, including this one on money affirmations. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

A great tip is to write down your affirmation and say it out loud. This will ensure that you’re in tune with this affirmation, or if maybe you need to tweak it.

Finally, you need to prepare the space and tools you will use for your 55x5 method of manifesting.

Remember that you will be doing it for the next 5 days. That’s why you need to ensure everything will remain the same. You need to be sitting in the same place, use the same notebook and pen.

It’s also best if you ensure the same ambience and atmosphere for these 5 days. For example, you can play the same piece of meditation music.

Incidentally, I have created a few meditation compositions, you can find them on my channel here. See if you like them. It’s fine if you don’t, I like them :D.

You should also pay attention to things like consistent light. This also means that you should be doing your 55x5 manifesting sessions at the same time of the day.

My Personal Experience With The 55x5 Method

At first, the results of using the 55x5 method of manifesting were quite disappointing for me.

I did everything correctly, using the outlined guide. I even consulted my friend who had success using this method for his manifestations.

I had no idea what I was doing wrong. It just didn’t feel right, as it should be. My manifestations were unsuccessful. Have I lost the ability? Have I suddenly forgot how to use the Law of Attraction?

I was quite lost.

Then I started analyzing this and came to the conclusion that I would like to share with you.

If you’re one of those people who are struggling with the 55x5 method of manifesting, you might want to read on.

How to make The 55x5 Method Of Manifesting Work For You

You see, my big revelation came from going back to the basics of the Law of Attraction as well as the 55x5 method. What is the key thing here?

It was consistency.

That’s right, this method of manifesting isn’t the end goal here. It is merely a tool that is supposed to teach you consistency when manifesting.

Of course, when writing my affirmations doing the 55x5 method, I was consistent with doing them.

And not much else.

This was the main issue. You need to be consistent and active with everything, not only with the method.

And so I took action.

Not only did I write down my affirmations for the 55x5 method, but I also maintained my high vibrations and stayed active during these days (and beyond).

For instance, I took online drawing classes. I did the drawing exercises every single day, at the same time, for the same amount of time.

Tired or not, I took my sketchbook, launched the class, and went on with it.

Am I a renowned artist now? Of course not. Have my drawings improved? Yes.

And you know what? Slowly but surely my manifesting confidence came back.

I started seeing some positive signs, I have manifested a few things I was keen on.

But above all: I finally understood what the 55x5 method of manifesting was all about.

Consistency. In everything you do, not just the exercise.

Consistency, keeping up with something, seeing it through the end.

It really is a valuable skill, not only for your manifestations.

It will work wonders for you in many areas of your life. Whether you’re attracting wealth, manifesting a relationship, or whatever it might be. The 55x5 method of manifesting is powerful when used correctly.

Thank you for reading this article. I trust my experiences and what I have learned will help you with manifesting happiness in your life.

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Stay awesome!



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