Is Abundance Good?

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5 min readOct 29, 2020

Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Abundance, the negative stigma this word has, and why this stigma is not correct.

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Before we start discussing abundance, this article will come with a confession: I’ve made a mistake. There, plain and simple. I allowed my negative emotions to take control and this resulted in a heated debate, followed by moments of resentment, followed by guilt (unjustified I should add), and ultimately: in me letting go of a person I considered a friend once.

In hindsight, it turns out that the “friendship” has died a long time ago if there ever was any and this was simply a sign that we should no longer be in this relationship, as our life paths diverged too broadly. Once I got a grip on myself, I came to terms with this flow of events and turned it into a positive: one less toxic person in my life.

Anyway, the topic of our argument was abundance in life, especially when it comes to material belongings. My friend (let’s call her Jane) has fallen into a common trap of associating abundance with greed. Unfortunately, her mind was too set on this idea she had it engraved in her thoughts. I wasn’t able to talk anything into her. Hopefully, you will be more receptive to what I want to say.

In my opinion, the false stigma of equating abundance with greed comes from one of our main flaws as human beings and that is:

How Envy Hurts Abundance

The feeling of Envy or jealousy is known to everyone. It exists to some extent in the lives of people who have very little as well as people who have a lot. I have another article on how you can (and must!) fight envy, feel free to read it here. For now, I will just say a few brief points:

  • Don’t be fooled by people who claim that envy is good as it motivates you to hard work. That is false and dangerous.
  • Remember that even with the best efforts, sometimes envy does make it into our thoughts. Don’t ignore these thoughts, instead analyze them, discover the source to take control of this feeling and prevent it from overwhelming you.

Envy, greed, and abundance

Now, why did I mention envy in the article about abundance? Because a lot of people, like my ex-friend, confuse abundance with greed. And envy leads to greed, not abundance.

If you’re driven by “I want to have more than someone else” and not “I want to have plenty in my life” that’s where the problems start.

What people don’t realize is that the Universe is limitless. This claim is supported by science as recently more and more scientists tend to lean on the theory that the universe has no physical limits.

What this means for The Law of Attraction is that technically we will not run of matter and possibilities ever. Sure, everyone can experience some “local” and temporary shortages, but that has nothing to do with the number of things available in the Universe. These shortages are for the most part the effect of some random occurrences or even worse are our own doing, especially if we haven’t been taking care of our Vibrations levels properly. This all means that you can overcome any shortages if you work on it and the Universe will bless you with part of its (infinite) abundance.

The second thing that some people get wrong when it comes to Abundance, is the claim that your gifts and blessings always come at the cost of someone else. And yes, unfortunately, this can happen. There are bad people in our world who do indeed take shortcuts and exploit other people for their own gain. It’s a tragic trait of human nature to demand something quickly without having the patience to wait your turn for what is right for you.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. If you “play by the rules”, that are clearly defined by The Law of Attraction, if you continuously work on yourself to raise your Vibrations, if you master the Manifestations techniques and finally if you are patient, you will receive all that you desire (and more). The best part about this route is that it will not come at the expense of others. No one has to lose anything for you to be blessed with abundance if this is gained through proper techniques that are favored by the Universe.

What’s more, in this option you will also have the possibility to share your new gifts with people close to you, because (once again: if you do this correctly) the universe will recognize your kindness and replenish your life to maintain a high level of Vibrations that you have achieved this way.

To summarise the point of this article: abundance is only “bad” if it’s obtained using “bad” methods that are based on greed and take away from other people. If you trust the Universe and you follow the right path, then the blessings will come to you from the Universe itself and that’s never a bad thing.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it will reassure you that wanting more in your life is not a bad thing in itself, it’s only how you get there that is important. Throughout this article, I have linked some other pieces and resources that might help you. And if like me you have a friend who still makes the basic mistake of associating abundance with greed or envy, please let them know about this article. Who knows, you might change someone’s mind and in turn, change their life.

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