Why Is My Manifestation Not Working? 7 Tips For Successful Manifestation

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Have you ever wondered: why is my manifestation not working? This might be caused by manifestation blocks. Read on to discover how to remove these barriers and successfully manifest your dream life.

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I often get asked by people online or by my friends: why isn’t my manifestation working for me? They tell me stories of how they used all possible manifesting techniques. They tried many Law of Attraction principles: creating visualization boards, writing down the object of their desire, saying various affirmations, improving their mood and vibrations, you name it.

And don’t get me wrong: all of these are key components when it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifesting. I will be the first one to advocate the power of Money Affirmations. They have helped me many times along the way.

However, all these great manifesting techniques won’t be any good if you’re stuck on a manifesting block.

What are manifesting blocks?

Manifesting blocks are a set of subconscious thoughts engraved in our minds. They stem from events that happened in our lives, even as early as a pre school era. They are the sum of our mindset.

Manifesting blocks are also sitting deep in our subconscious, and that is what’s most dangerous about them: you don’t see them at first glance, but they deeply affect our beliefs.

That is because our beliefs don’t come from conscious thoughts, they come from our subconscious. And a strong belief and self-confidence is one of the key components of the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

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Oftentimes these blocks are a direct result of our upbringing, the values we get from our family, school, the environment that we grew up.

We take these for granted and don’t give them much thought. We accept the world as it is, because: “well, apparently life has to be that way”. No, it does not.

Life can be amazing, fulfilling, full of your deepest desires, and most importantly: your life can have a great purpose. You need to believe that and for that, you need to remove all manifesting blocks.

Why is removing manifesting blocks so important?

I’m going to make a guess: the most common manifesting block due to which your manifestation is not working is around money, wealth, and abundance. Was I close? Don’t worry, I’m not a magician.

The reason why I guessed your biggest manifesting struggles is that you’re not alone with this issue. In fact, the taboo surrounding money is one of the biggest “non-topic” for many families in the USA and around the world.

All of this is caused by many myths and misconceptions around money. In a moment I will be dispelling these myths and showing you how to remove manifesting blocks. First I need to tell you why it is so important for you to get rid of things holding back your money manifestations.

You see, our world does revolve around money. It’s true, and the quicker you accept this truth, the better for you. I have learned this quite late in my life, and although now I see my life as amazing, I wish this was explained to me earlier.

Also, the way things are going, the gap of wealth is widening: the rich get more wealthy and poor people struggle more often. If you don’t change your mindset about money now, then you will have more and more difficulties attracting money and manifesting wealth and abundance later on.

Now, why is money having so much of a bad image? This comes from many years of stereotypes such as money is the root of evil, money makes people corrupt, etc.

This argument is true only on a surface level. When you look closer, you will see that it’s not money causing people to be corrupt.

All money does is it allows for corruption to surface and be seen in people who were evil for a long time. Money didn’t make these people evil, they were evil, but now they have a tool to perform their evil deeds.

That’s the bad news. The good news? Money enhances goodness and kindness in people too. If you are a good but poor person, there isn’t much you can share with the world.

Once you manifest wealth, you have the means to make other people happy. Your goodness and kindness are now multiplied by the money you have manifested. Remember: sharing the wealth you have attracted is one of the most beautiful things one can do. You could even say, that using the Law of Attraction to counter evil and greedy people is our responsibility.

How to remove your manifesting blocks?

To remove these manifesting blocks that are stopping you from manifesting your dream life, you must first identify what exactly is stopping you from attracting money. Here are some potential reasons and some (hopefully) useful suggestions on removing your manifesting block.

Is money a taboo topic for you?

Have you been raised in a family that avoided money talk? Have you been taught that good people don’t talk about money?

You need to understand that talking about money is not only necessary but is in fact good. The principle of the Law of Attraction states that our conscious thoughts influence our subconscious thinking. Therefore when you talk about money, you have the potential to attract it more.

But and here is the key: only think in a positive way. Avoid complaining about your financial situation. It will make matters worse. Focus on gratitude and on visualizing the wealth you’re manifesting.

Do you consider money to be corrupt?

Have you been told that money makes people evil?

This one was already explained earlier: money only enhances the qualities and flaws in people. If you are a good person, then you should not fear manifesting money. In fact, the more money you manifest, the better it is for people around you.

And if you still feel a little guilty after manifesting wealth, the best way is to share parts of it with others. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything, as all wealth that you share will come back multiplied. That’s the beauty of money manifestation.

“I’m a spiritual person and material world clashes with the spiritual world”

I used to believe that, you know? I used to think that living in a material world will take away from my spirituality and soul. I have since discovered this is not true. Think about it: if the Universe had something against us living in the material world, it would not have created one.

What we see around us, is a gift. And material objects, including money, are simply a form of energy surrounding us. Also, any object can be the goal of our manifestation.

So don’t worry, your spiritual side and physical side can still coexist in perfect harmony, even if you surround yourself with wealth you have manifested. Accept the abundance flow as a form of energy flowing to you.

Do you feel like you’re not worthy of abundance?

This one is oftentimes referred to as Imposter Syndrome. We consider ourselves as worse than other people. We see a rich person and immediately think: they are better than me and that’s why they are rich. And I’ll admit: this one is difficult to overcome.

So what can be done? One of the answers is practicing self-confidence affirmations. Read more to discover how you can craft a perfect set of affirmations that are best tuned to your personality.

Another way is simply pushing yourself to be a better person. It is possible that the rich lady you saw yesterday is better than you in some things. Well, what are you going to do about it? That’s right: improve.

Learn a new skill, find a mentor, shift your mindset. You will quickly see what an amazing feeling it is to wake up each morning knowing full well you’re better than you were yesterday. And that you have accomplished something.

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Are you focusing on the negative side of finances?

Answer me this: when thinking about money, do you mostly focus on the things you will buy in the future? Or maybe you’re constantly focused on lack of money, on shortages in your life?

By now you should probably already have a clear picture which one of these is a manifesting block. If you want to manifest wealth, you absolutely have to stick to visions of abundance and gratitude. Never focus on the lack of money or shortages. The Law of Attraction brings you what you focus on.

Do you fear other people’s reactions?

Sometimes our manifesting blocks come from the environment we live in. Some people are afraid of manifesting money because they fear the backlash of their friends and family. They feel that their friends will consider them as snobs and abandon them. Or even worse: people will take advantage of you.

Here you must first of all trust people. Yes, some will act weird around you once you attract wealth.

You know what: maybe you don’t need people like that around you. And for people who stay: simply show them that abundance is a wonderful thing.

Share both your gifts and the knowledge that got you to this level, and soon enough your close friends and family will enjoy the wealth they attracted themselves. Now wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

Have you lost faith in the Law of Attraction?

This one is the most severe manifesting block one could have. I really hope it does not affect you. It can happen after some bad events in their life. And I get it, I really do. It’s sometimes hard to believe in the power of manifestations when things don’t go well.

What you must do is endure and persevere. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing, which the Universe controls. Sometimes your vibration might be lower than usual and you don’t even notice that.

Whatever the case may be, go back to the principles of the Law of Attraction. Get your vibrations high, get into a good mood, use affirmations, and manifest. Good things will happen.

Thank you for reading this article. I trust it will help you to remove your manifesting blocks and overcome any manifestation struggles you might have. As an additional kick to your manifesting abilities, I would like to mention once again some fantastic tools you might want to try out for yourself.

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Stay awesome!



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